Business Success with Climate Action

Join this free online course to learn about SAP’s Climate 21 initiative and how it can help customers minimize the CO2 footprint of their products, operations, and supply chains.

This course was retired in September 2023.

Please note: There is a more recent version of this course: Climate Action with SAP Sustainability Footprint Management.

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course retired

This course was retired in September 2023.

Course Summary

Climate action is top of mind for many companies. The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is coming from all directions – investors, customers, and regulators. But how can leaders safeguard earnings without CO2 data transparency? How can they show competitiveness if no benchmarks exist? And how can they steer the right action in the face of such uncertainty?

To help deal with such complex questions, SAP launched Climate 21, an initiative to help customers minimize the CO2 footprint of their products, operations, and supply chains.

With Climate 21, we are embedding sustainability metrics as a new dimension into analytical and transactional applications to enable intelligent enterprises to minimize CO2 emissions across entire value chains, from cradle to grave. This will enable business leaders to act on the insights, ultimately creating transparency and the ability to initiate climate-friendly buying decisions.

In this course, you’ll learn why climate action is relevant for your business. You’ll understand how SAP’s Climate 21 initiative can help your company to minimize its CO2 footprint and you’ll be introduced to the first solution of the Climate 21 initiative, SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics. We’re also interested in your feedback, so you’ll get the chance to let us know which of the requirements specific to your company SAP should address through the Climate 21 initiative.

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

  • “My company is doing some management consulting to SAP customers and lately we are seeing more and more interest in Sustainability and Carbon Footprint. As such, this course has been very helpful with giving me some insights on SAP's latest offerings in that area.” Read the original post

  • “For people that are new to sustainability, this is an interesting and unique training program as it goes well beyond the theoretical of most intro level courses and applies a real-world solution (PCFA) which is extremely commendable.” Read the original post

  • “Great that SAP is taking the direction of embedding sustainability as a new dimension of success along the core value chain processes! … Course was very well structured, visual and covered all dimensions: strategic objectives, customer case, demo, services ...” Read the original post

  • “I am loving the way the course content is being arranged. It is really good quality material and the course is very comprehensive.” Read the original post

  • “The course does a great job of communicating SAP's vision and progress.” Read the original post

  • “I like the approach used in introducing the system, the simplicity of the presentations, and most importantly SAP's advocacy for climate action.” Read the original post

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: Climate Action – The Challenge
Week 2: Climate 21 Initiative
Week 3: Product Carbon Footprint
Week 4: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Business decision makers and business strategists
  • Finance experts and decision makers
  • Sustainability experts and professionals involved in their company’s sustainability effort
  • Business consultants and application consultants
  • Everyone interested in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction

Course Requirements

No requirements

About Further Content Experts

Eric Storrer

Eric Storrer

Eric Storrer has been with SAP for several months, working in a student position in the Solution Management and Go-to-Market team for Sustainability and Climate 21. Eric contributed greatly to this openSAP course, creating content with the experts – product managers, consultants, and subject matter experts – developing slides, and writing test questions.
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  • Course content no longer available

  • Week 1:

    Climate Action – The Challenge
  • Week 2:

    Climate 21 Initiative
  • Week 3:

    Product Carbon Footprint
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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Thomas Saueressig

Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, SAP Product Engineering

Thomas Saueressig is a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. He leads the SAP Product Engineering board area and has global responsibility for all business software applications. This includes all functional areas from product strategy and management to product development and innovation, as well as cloud operations and support.
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Bettina Zedlitz

Bettina Zedlitz is a senior director for Sustainability and Climate 21 within the SAP S/4HANA Go-to-Market and Solution Management organization. Over the last 5 years she has been driving innovation for SAP S/4HANA, focusing on all aspects of the cloud.

Daniel Schmid

SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Daniel Schmid, has been globally responsible for sustainability at SAP SE since 2014.

Daniel started his career in IT consulting and held various senior management positions within SAP Consulting. He then joined the sustainability leadership team, established in 2009 to start SAP’s sustainability journey, and lead the Sustainability Operations team.  

Daniel holds a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. He is chair of the board of econsense, a forum for the sustainable development of German business.

Priti Prabhoo

Priti Prabhoo leads product definition for the Climate 21 initiative. She is an experienced product leader, with a proven track record as product owner in large and complex enterprise application development environments such as ERP cloud transformation. She shares her knowledge and expertise in talks and by joining initiatives to support others in their careers.
LinkedIn | Ada Lovelace Festival | Women of Climate Action Panel

Gunther Rothermel

Gunther Rothermel is senior vice president and head of SAP Sustainability Engineering. He helps businesses on their sustainability transformation journey with a new set of sustainability-related capabilities from SAP. Together with his team, Gunther delivers product innovations on sustainability addressing four dimensions: climate action, circular economy, social responsibility, and holistic steering and reporting. 

Agile development, DevOps, cloud engineering, and design-led innovation are integral to Gunther’s leadership approach.

Follow Gunther Rothermel on SAP Community | LinkedIn

Stephan Müller

Strategic Customer Engagement SAP S/4HANA and Sustainability, SAP

Stephan Müller is a project manager at SAP, focusing on customer and partner collaboration for Climate 21 and other sustainability solutions. Prior to this role, Stephan spent many years providing consulting services for customers all around the world and co-innovating with them on new products.
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Stefan Hack

Stefan Hack is the global head of R&D and Sustainability for SAP Services. He is passionate about innovation and sustainability – two important pillars of SAP's success – and is deeply committed to making SAP the partner of choice for sustainable digital transformation. He has several patents for inventions for SAP and is a published author in the fields of information technology and sustainability.
Stefan Hack’s patents, articles, and publications