openSAP participants are requested to respect the following rules:

  • I will not share my access to openSAP with another person.
  • I will use only one account for learning at openSAP.
  • I will work on weekly assignments and exams on my own without the help of another person.
  • I will not publish course materials, made available through openSAP, in any way on other sites.
  • I will not make available solutions to weekly assignments and exams in any way.
  • I will not publish on openSAP any material unrelated to the objectives of a social learning platform.
  • I will respect the discussion forum rules.

Additional rules for peer-graded assignments (Peer Assessment)

  • I will work on the peer-graded assignment on my own without the help of another person.
  • I will only work with the help of another person during the Team Peer Assessment when I am assigned to a team and where collaborative work is specifically requested.
  • I will give feedback in a respectful, friendly and factual manner.
  • I will not share my work with other students before the peer assessment results are published.
  • I will not make the work of my peers available to others in any way.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Plagiarism
    Stealing other people’s work by copying complete or large parts of existing work and presenting it as your own work will be considered plagiarism and can lead to you receiving no points.
  • Inappropriate content
    If the student submits work which contains inappropriate content, this can lead to the student receiving no points. This applies to assignment submissions as well as written reviews. Deliberate provocation, mockery, racism, mature content/language, spam and similar content will be considered inappropriate and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • False accusations
    During the peer assessment process, you will be able to report severe cases of violations against the code of honor. The intention of these reports is to ensure a trustful and respectful community and to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for you and your peers. We take claims seriously and review them carefully. If you make a false accusation, it can lead to downgrading of your assignment.

Multiple and severe violations of the code of honor can lead to the openSAP team taking further action, including exclusion from the platform and taking part in peer assessments.

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