How can you balance your busy work schedule, while learning how SAP innovations could potentially transform your business? With openSAP, of course! Whether you’re an SAP professional, developer, consultant, entrepreneur, professor or student you can keep up to date with the latest innovations from SAP

openSAP is SAP’s innovative learning platform and a thought leader for Enterprise MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

openSAP gives you maximum flexibility to learn at your convenience. Compared to traditional e-learning, it provides you with an engaging and effective learning experience through gamification and by connecting you with other learners and SAP experts.

openSAP courses are free of charge (except for optional system access) and are offered in English. See our openSAP course listings for more information.

Visit SAP Education to find out about further training related to your openSAP course. You can also find a complete overview of SAP Education´s training offerings under SAP Training and Certification Shop.

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Feb 6, 2014 The Learning and Performance Institute: Innovation in Learning
Sep 9, 2014 Brandon Hall: Best Extended Enterprise Learning Program
May 6, 2015 Global CCU: Best Innovative Corporate University – Gold

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