Composing Your Own Postings

  • Search before writing. Many topics already exist. Avoid repetition by using the search function first.
  • Choose meaningful headlines when creating new topics. Add key words so others can find your post.
  • Stay on topic. While even with subject-oriented topics it’s possible for an off-topic remark to occur, these comments shouldn’t be the main component of a posting.
  • Formulate your questions and answers precisely and understandably.
  • Name your sources when you quote or refer to other Internet pages.


  • Stay friendly and factual.
  • Be cautious with humor and irony.
  • Give feedback.
  • Clarify personal differences with a personal message. Of course, it may happen that from time to time posts and topics can turn up that contradict – more or less strongly – these guidelines. On the one hand, the points mentioned are highly dependent on personal interpretation, and on the other, nobody’s perfect.


  • You will not create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission or impersonate others in the forum with the intention to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.
  • You will not create an account that gives the impression that you are an official representative of SAP. This includes misrepresenting the account as owned by an administrator/moderator/instructor, for example including “openSAP Team” in your user name.

openSAP reserves the right to close any account which we believe has been created to impersonate and misrepresent a person’s identity.

The Following Behavior Will Not be Tolerated on openSAP

  • Personal conflicts carried out in the public sphere.
  • "Trolling" and "flaming", for example, releasing posts or topics that are intended to deliberately provoke strong negative or emotional reactions.
  • Spam, such as posts with advertising contents.
  • Harassing or threatening other participants.
  • Language that is hurtful, threatening, insulting, defamatory, obscene, hateful, or racist.

Depending on the severity, a violation of these rules may result in a warning, or a temporary or even permanent exclusion from the platform.

How to Make Correct Use of the Technical Features in the Discussion Forum

Start a new topic

Use the “Start a new topic” button to ask a question or start a new discussion. Other learners and the course experts can reply to the topic and comment on replies from others.
enter image description here

As the creator of the topic, you (and the openSAP staff) can select one of the replies as the “best reply” by clicking the sign.
Best reply

The topic will be shown as “answered” in the discussion forum list.

By selecting a “best reply”, you help other learners to quickly find the correct answer and the course experts know that you do not need further support.

Up and down voting of posts

You and other learners can vote posts up or down to express agreement or disagreement.

You can vote on the topic itself and on replies to the topic. You cannot vote on comments. Each user has one vote per topic/reply, but a decision can be revoked by choosing the opposite vote.


If you create a new topic, make use of the tagging functionality. The best practice is to add one meaningful tag to provide the context for the topic. If possible, reuse an existing tag to keep the forum clear and organized. The tags will be displayed in the discussion forum list.

Unread posts

An orange bar before a topic indicates that this topic is new or that there are new replies to the topic that you have not read yet.
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