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Before you purchase, please check that the course you’d like to reactivate includes the “Reactivate for Record of Achievement” button.

What is an openSAP course reactivation option?
An openSAP course reactivation option provides the opportunity to reactivate an openSAP course and enables you to gain access to all the graded assignments. By earning a minimum score of 50%, you will also receive a record of achievement.

Which steps do I need to take to reactivate a course?
Not all courses are available for reactivation. When the option is available, you will see this icon enter image description here on the course description page.

You can find the exact pricing (including bulk discounts) for your country in SAP Store.

Follow these three simple steps to reactivate the course:
1) Purchase an openSAP course reactivation code via SAP Store.
2) Click the "Reactivate for Record of Achievement" icon. A popup appears.
3) Add your code in the "Enter your reactivation code" box. Click "Redeem" and the course is reactivated.

Please note: Any digital products sold into the European Union will have an applicable VAT (Tax) charge applied to them.

How long will I have to complete the weekly assignments and the final exam?
You will have 8 weeks to complete the weekly assignments and the final exam from the time you redeem your reactivation code.

Why is there a charge applied to reactivate a course?
To encourage learners to continue joining openSAP courses during the scheduled runtime and benefit from all the features of a live course, we are implementing a small charge for earning a record of achievement in self-paced mode. Our aim is to also support learners who could not complete a course during the scheduled run time by providing them with the flexibility to earn a record of achievement in self-paced mode. This capability is often requested by learners and we are happy to offer this as an additional option, without affecting the experience of free, live courses at openSAP.

Is the reactivation code I can buy tied to a specific course and user?
No, the reactivation code can be used for any single course that is enabled for reactivation. It is also not assigned to a specific person.

Why are only certain courses available for reactivation?
Some courses cannot be offered for reactivation because they involve peer assessments, which contribute to the learner’s final score to earn a record of achievement. The reactivation option is also not available if a course is planned to be repeated for free on our platform in the near future.

Can I still use the designated system(s) to perform system exercises if they were offered during the scheduled course?
The hands-on exercises are not mandatory to earn a record of achievement or complete the weekly assignments and the final exam.
System availability depends on the systems used in the course.

Can I still participate in the discussion forum and receive expert support in reactivated courses?
When a course is in self-paced mode, you cannot create new posts in the forum to request support from experts. However, you can search the forums to find answers provided during the scheduled course.

I’m an SAP employee – can I buy an openSAP course reactivation option?
Yes; please raise a ticket via the openSAP helpdesk with the category “openSAP Course Reactivation Option”.
Please include:

  • the number of reactivation codes required
  • the internal cost center to be charged

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