SAP TechEd 2019 Recap

Take a look back at SAP TechEd 2019 and catch up on topics such as Explore the Intelligent Suite, Integration Out-of-the-Box, Digital Transformation and Cloud Application Architecture, Applied Intelligence, Next-Gen Data Management and Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, and Security by Default.

This course was retired in October 2023.

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This course was retired in October 2023.

Course Summary

SAP TechEd is the premier SAP tech conference for technologists, engineers, and developers. Attendees at SAP TechEd get access to hundreds of sessions with SAP experts on best practices, how-to tips, and advice.

With so many sessions to choose from, maybe you had to skip something of interest to you? Or maybe you were unable to attend? So that you don’t miss out, we’ve put together some of the key topic sessions from SAP TechEd 2019 for you to access online or offline at openSAP.

Take a look at them to understand how our digital platform has evolved to provide comprehensive, intelligent, business-centric services to customers, and learn how to bring the business technology platform to life with out-of-the-box integration, modularity, easy extensibility, and a consistent experience across business processes.

SAP TechEd Recap 2019 differs from other openSAP courses you’ll find on our platform: There is no discussion forum and transcripts are also not available. Some select sessions have self-tests you can do for fun, but there is no course assignment. If you’d like to discuss any of the topics that you found interesting in these sessions, you can visit the SAP Community.

You can find the original sessions from SAP TechEd 2019 at SAP TechEd Online.

Please note: These sessions were recorded at SAP TechEd Events in 2019 and all the information was correct at the time of recording.

Session Topics

  • Explore the Intelligent Suite
  • Integration Out-of-the-Box
  • Digital Transformation and Cloud Application Architecture
  • Applied Intelligence
  • Next-Gen Data Management and Artificial Intelligence
  • User Experience
  • Security by Default

Target Audience

  • Technologists
  • Engineers
  • Developers
  • And anyone interested in catching up with some of the SAP TechEd 2019 sessions

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Course End
Apr 30, 2020
Course Start
Nov 26, 2019