Join this free online course to learn about the advanced planning capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. Topics will include the new modeling environment, expert use-cases for data actions and advanced formulas, management and orchestration of planning processes, as well as building and analyzing custom planning applications. The course also includes hands-on exercises to help you practice the topics covered.

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Course Summary

SAP Analytics Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that combines business intelligence, enterprise planning, and augmented analytics. This course focuses explicitly on the advanced planning capabilities of the product and will expand on many topics which were covered in the first course, “Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud”.

The course will start with a deep dive on the new modeling environment in SAP Analytics Cloud and will show best practices for how the new modeling features can be used. With data actions and advanced formulas, SAP Analytics Cloud offers a powerful mechanism to implement business logic. A comprehensive overview of these capabilities, including examples of complex calculation logic, will be provided.

Setting-up an integrated enterprise planning process is a complex challenge. SAP Analytics Cloud supports customers with predefined business content, which is presented in detail.

Many planning projects leverage the power of analytical applications to meet individual customer requirements. The relevant APIs for planning are presented and ways to analyze the performance of a planning application are explained.

Guided hands-on exercises are provided, which you can use in your own environment, to intensify the learning experience even more.

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

  • " I like that it is the first OpenSAP SAP Analytics Cloud course I have participated in and each topic was developed in a very friendly and easy to understand way. " Read the original post.

  • " Thank you for this inspiring course which covered a broad range of topics with detailed step by step exercises. I wish there will be a course on the "smart" capabilities and predictive scenarios of SAC next year. " Read the original post.

  • " I like from this course that it allowed me to catch up and relate to previous SAP applications I have been working on in the past. That allows me to consolidate the acquired knowledge and expose myself to the new possibilities to help my customers to make the right choices and get the best when they need to." Read the original post.

  • "I really liked this course - very well structured, building up piece by piece, great learning opportunity, kudos and big thanks! " Read the original post.

  • "Congratulation for the course! It is a start point to understand how SAC Planning works." Read the original post.

  • "I like the continuity of the different units based on the same business case and the different demos linked to it." Read the original post.

  • "I really liked this course, this is great planning course." Read the original post.

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: Core Planning
Week 2: Advanced Planning
Week 3: Managing the Planning Process
Week 4: Building Custom Planning Applications
Week 5: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Experienced planning consultants
  • Business experts in planning

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of BI, planning, and predictive concepts
  • Some background in existing planning tools might be beneficial
  • Ideally, learners have attended the course “Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud”


  • Week 1:

    Core Planning
  • Week 2:

    Advanced Planning
  • Week 3:

    Managing the Planning Process
  • Week 4:

    Building Custom Planning Applications
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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22. Dezember 2021
16. November 2021


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Dieser Kurs wird angeboten von

Kristian Ruemmelin

Kristian Rümmelin is head of Product Management & Strategy for Planning in the SAP HANA & Analytics organization. 

Before joining SAP, Kristian worked for many years in different roles as a consultant in the field of enterprise performance management. Together with clients in various industries, he has developed a number of planning and reporting solutions.

Follow Kristian on LinkedIn

Holger Handel

Holger Handel is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud. His focus is on the planning capabilities of the product. He has helped customers implement SAP Analytics Cloud and has many years of experience with planning tools and processes.

Besides planning, Holger has a background in data management and analytics (SAP BW and SAP HANA).

Follow Holger on LinkedIn

Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud. His focus is on the planning capabilities of the product. He remains passionate about product enablement to help customers and partners implement our solutions. Derek has several roles at SAP, which also include consulting and operations.

Scott Godfree

Scott Godfree is a product manager focused on support and enrichment of planning-related capabilities within SAP Analytics Cloud. He has a strong background in Finance and Accounting, and has extensive experience in development, delivery, and management of high value financial solutions for a variety of Fortune 500 organizations.

Follow Scott on SAP CommunityLinkedIn

Jeanne Bigonnet

Jeanne Bigonnet is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. Her focus is on SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office and SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office.

Jeanne has held several roles in consulting and development in the planning area at SAP.

Chen Nee Faulhaber

Chen Nee Faulhaber is a cross-product manager for SAP HANA database and analytics, specializing in SAP Analytics Cloud. Her focus is on enterprise planning, particularly custom applications, dashboard design/optimization, the coordination of planning processes in enterprise dimensions, as well as the enablement of customers and internal stakeholders via content creation, knowledge sharing, and consulting.

Chen Nee is also part of xP&A strategic planning content’s core development team, responsible for design, concept, and app implementation.

Follow Chen Nee on SAP CommunityLinkedIn

Dominik Fischer

Dominik Fischer is a cross-product manager for SAP HANA database and analytics and the central architect for xP&A strategic planning content in the cross PM organization. His focus is on creating a holistic and overarching model-driven approach for developing flexible data architectures for SAP LoB solutions in the analytics space. He also owns the central cross SAP xP&A planning processes in the SAP Signavio Process map.

Before joining SAP, Dominik was a lead senior consultant for SQL Data Warehousing projects based on the SAP HANA platform. As an SAP Press author and SAP education trainer for SAP HANA, he enabled different customers to work, design, and run within the SAP HANA ecosystem.

Follow Dominik on SAP CommunityLinkedIn

Simon Kranig

Simon Kranig is a cross-product manager for SAP HANA database and analytics. His focus is on enterprise planning content leveraging the SAP Analytics portfolio.

Before joining the SAP cross-content team, Simon was a proven SAP DWH expert for SAP on-premise and cloud data warehouse solutions. He helped create the existing SAP BW/4HANA standard content packages and enabled SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content package creators and partners.

Follow Simon on SAP Community

Christoph Tillmann

Christoph Tillmann is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. His focus is on SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer, and related planning use cases.

Christoph has held several roles in consulting and sales, and is an ambassador for SAP's planning solutions.

Follow Christoph on SAP CommunityLinkedIn

Jie Deng

Jie Deng is a product manager and expert in product management for analytics, currently focusing on SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer.

She joined SAP in 2000 and started her career as a developer in the SAP BW team. After that, she moved to the Product Management team for SAP BW and BPM.

In 2011, Jie joined the Product Management team for SAP Analytics and is responsible for roadmap and customer-facing activities like workshops, events, and trainings.


Antoine Chabert is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud. His focus is on predictive analytics. Antoine helps SAP Analytics Cloud customers get the best out of the product, and works with SAP engineering teams to create exciting innovations, connecting BI, planning, and predictive. 

Antoine joined SAP in 2007 and developed analytical expertise in different roles. Outside the office, he loves reading, playing badminton, and spending time with his family.