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Join this free online course about SAP Integration Suite and learn how to simplify and accelerate enterprise integrations, so organizations can quickly transition and become intelligent enterprises.

Seit 19. August 2021 im Selbststudium
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Course Summary

Integration is the key to bridge the silos across applications, data, and processes, and provide a foundation to apply intelligence, enable digital interactions, and create connected digital experiences that customers want. Enterprises are looking to tap into the digital economy to transform, innovate, optimize, expand, and scale. Organizations across business verticals often have overly complex hybrid landscapes that involve cloud, on-premise, or private cloud systems, and which typically include both SAP and 3rd party solutions. There is a huge need to simplify integrations and create a harmonized environment for internal organizational units and their external ecosystem. This can be achieved by integrating solutions using SAP Integration Suite, a versatile, dynamic, and enterprise-grade suite of offerings that helps customers accelerate their path to an intelligent enterprise by simplifying integrations.

In this course, you’ll learn and experience the end-to-end integration process, be it A2A, B2B, or B2G, and expose your processes as APIs across cloud-based and on-premise applications, both from SAP and 3rd party vendors, with SAP Integration Suite. We’ll walk you through several use-case scenarios and will also show you the end-to-end integration of heterogeneous systems and applications.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to leverage the power of SAP´s enterprise-grade integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to simplify and accelerate enterprise integrations and reduce the cost of development, as well as increase agility, improve customer experiences, collaborate in real time, and achieve process excellence.

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Expand Your Skills
Week 3: Dive Deeper
Week 4: Broaden Your Horizon
Week 5: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Integration developers
  • Integration architects
  • Application developers
  • Project managers
  • Consultants
  • Anyone involved in or interested in SAP Integration Suite

Course Requirements

  • Fundamental understanding of SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Basic knowledge of integration technologies and concepts
  • Knowledge of interface design and mapping of interfaces
  • Knowledge of Groovy, JavaScript, and XML

Development Systems

Details on development system preparation and the corresponding links will be provided during the course. All described systems are free of charge.

Further Learning

These additional resources were referred to during the preparation of this course, and we would like to thank and acknowledge the authors for the great content that they have published as blogs in the community. We are sure that this will also be helpful for learners of this openSAP course. Feel free to go through them if you’d like to learn more.

1 . Cloud Integration mapping: Your options explained and compared - Morten Wittrock, SAP Mentor
2. Set Up Integration Suite Trial - Karunaharan V, SAP
3. Integration Suite – Simplified Onboarding and Provisioning - Appala Naidu Uppada, SAP
4. Cloud Integration – Configure Asynchronous Messaging with Retry Using JMS Adapter - Mandy Krimmel, SAP
5. Cloud Integration – Connecting to Messaging Systems using the AMQP Adapter - Mandy Krimmel, SAP
6. Cloud Integration – What You Need to Know About the Kafka Adapter - Jens Kordowski, SAP
7. Integration Flow Simulation in SAP Cloud Integration - Kamlesh Zanje, SAP
8. Enrichments of Externalization Feature in SAP Cloud Integration - Kamlesh Zanje, SAP
9. Low-code API Development with SAP Integration Suite - Shruthi M Arjun, SAP
10. CI/CD for SAP Integration Suite? Here you go! - Axel Albrecht, SAP
11, Cloud Integration – Customer Test Service & Preview Tenant - Appala Naidu Uppada, SAP


  • Week 1:

  • Week 2:

    Expand Your Skills
  • Week 3:

    Dive Deeper
  • Week 4:

    Broaden Your Horizon
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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19. August 2021
14. Juli 2021


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Dieser Kurs wird angeboten von

Finny Babu

Finny Babu is a product manager for SAP Integration Suite, focusing on supporting customer and partner success, leading customer engagement initiatives and design-led product definition.

Finny has several years of experience with integration technologies and concepts at SAP. He is also a regular speaker at internal and external events.

Follow Finny on Twitter Follow Finny on SAP Community

Shilpa Vij

Shilpa Vij is a product manager for SAP Integration Suite. Her main focus is on product and customer success. Together with customers and integration experts, Shilpa works globally across industries on product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements and defining the product vision. She has over 15 years of experience in the integration domain and has co-authored 2 books.

Within SAP, Shilpa works closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support to ensure revenue growth and customer satisfaction. She provides enablement sessions and expert-level workshops in the various areas of SAP Integration Suite.

Follow Shilpa on SAP Community| Twitter | Linkedin

Udo Paltzer

Udo Paltzer is a lead product manager for SAP Integration Suite, focusing on the integration of APIs, events, and business processes, including A2A, B2B, and B2G integrations. Udo has over 20 years of experience in the integration domain.

As a lead product manager, Udo concentrates on the customer, partner, and product success of SAP Integration Suite, with the goal to help customers and partners in their digital transformation journey. Additionally, he engages with analysts, collects and prioritizes requirements to shape the roadmap of SAP Integration Suite, and is a regular speaker at events as well as customer and partner workshops.

Follow Udo on SAP Community | Linkedin

Axel Albrecht

Axel Albrecht is a product manager for SAP Integration Suite. He has 15 years of experience in the area of connectivity and integration at SAP.

Before joining the PM team, Axel was part of the SAP Cloud Integration development program, where he helped stakeholders, partners, and customers with their integrations and functioned as a bridge between the development teams and the customers.

Follow Axel on SAP Community

Gabriela Gahse

Gabriela Gahse is a product manager for SAP’s integration platform portfolio, focusing on SAP Cloud Integration and Open Connectors. She has more than 20 years of experience in different areas of SAP and many years of experience in the integration domain, including cloud and on-premise integration technology.

In her current role, Gabriela is a content and communication advocate for SAP’s integration technologies.

Follow Gabriela on SAP Community or on Twitter

Marco Ertel

Marco Ertel is a product manager for SAP Integration Suite, focusing on Cloud Integration, Integration Advisor, SAP API Management, and the cloud connector. He has more than 20 years of experience in different areas of SAP.

As a product manager, Marco is a regular speaker at events as well as holding workshops and supporting hackathons.

Follow Marco on SAP Community