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Join this free online course to learn about SAP Integration Suite, the enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that enables you to integrate, automate, and transform business processes with integration capabilities across SAP and third-party landscapes.

Please note: There is additional learning material related to the topic of this course available on the SAP Learning site I Learning Journey Developing with SAP Integration Suite I Learning Journey Getting Started with SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology.

Seit 31. Oktober 2023 im Selbststudium
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Course Summary

In today’s digital age, every organization is looking to evolve its IT landscape to become a leader or maintain leadership in its markets. A major factor in this transformation is ensuring that the systems in the landscapes are connected and have a seamless information flow to deliver the relevant, contextual data that drives business.

The key to getting this right is to ensure that the organization has a clearly defined enterprise-wide integration strategy. SAP Integration Suite provides our customers with a best-in-class, reliable, and holistic enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that supports the “any-to-any” integration requirements that are evolving in the market today.

In this course, you’ll learn and experience the different capabilities of SAP Integration Suite and how integration is a key enabler for digitalization. The suite empowers you to integrate, automate, and transform your business processes with speed and confidence across SAP and third-party landscapes. It helps people with different skills to leverage a wide variety of integration approaches, intuitive tools, and prepackaged content. This enables you to achieve results faster and gain business agility with a versatile, dynamic, and enterprise-grade cloud integration platform. We’ll walk you through several use case scenarios and show you the different capabilities in action.

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to leverage the power of SAP´s enterprise-grade integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to modernize, innovate, and quickly transform your enterprise into an intelligent and sustainable enterprise.

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Elevate Your Integrations
Week 3: API and Event-Based Integration
Week 4: Application, Business, & e-Government Integration
Week 5: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Integration developers and architects
  • Application developers
  • Project managers and consultants
  • Anyone involved in or interested in SAP Integration Suite

Course Requirements

  • Fundamental understanding of SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Basic knowledge of integration technologies and concepts
  • Knowledge of interface design and mapping of interfaces

Development Systems

Details on development system preparation and the corresponding links will be shared and available when the course is running. All described systems are free-of-charge.
Please note: This course is in self-paced mode since October 31,2023. Therefore the practical system exercises are not supported anymore. The discussion forum is closed and questions cannot be answered anymore by our experts.

Further Learning

Visit our earlier openSAP course -Simplify Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

About Further Content Experts

Richard Kleibl

image Richard Kleibl

Richard Kleibl leads the PI Elevation project. The goal of the project is to support the transformation from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite. The project provides tools and content which support this transformation journey. Richard’s focus areas include SAP Integration Suite and integration technologies.

Alexander Bundschuh

Image Alexander Bundschuh

Alexander Bundschuh is a product manager at SAP for SAP Integration Suite, SAP Process Orchestration, and SAP Application Interface Framework. He works closely with customers and partners, channeling back their feedback to development. Alexander drives the integration flow design guidelines and contributes frequently to SAP Community, answering questions and writing blogs and tutorials.

Follow Alexander on SAP Community

Chaim Bendelac

Image Chaim

Chaim Bendelac is a lead program manager in SAP Integration Suite, with a passion for helping developers to get the most out of APIs, via the capabilities of API Management and Graph.


  • Week 1:

  • Week 2:

    Elevate Your Integrations
  • Week 3:

    API and Event-Based Integration
  • Week 4:

    Application, Business, & e-Government Integration
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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31. Oktober 2023
25. September 2023


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Dieser Kurs wird angeboten von

Shilpa Vij

Shilpa Vij is a product manager for SAP Integration Suite. Her main focus is on product and customer success. Together with customers and integration experts, Shilpa works globally across industries on product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements and defining the product vision. She has over 15 years of experience in the integration domain and has co-authored 2 books.

Within SAP, Shilpa works closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support to ensure revenue growth and customer satisfaction. She provides enablement sessions and expert-level workshops in the various areas of SAP Integration Suite.

Follow Shilpa on SAP Community| Twitter | Linkedin

Piyush Gakhar

Piyush Gakhar is global vice president and head of Product and Strategy for Integration Platform at SAP.

He has over 17 years of experience in the software industry and holds a master’s degree in computer science. Piyush has actively participated in writing white papers, been a key speaker at numerous events, and co-authored a well-received book on SAP Integration Suite. Throughout his career, he has excelled in various roles, including consulting, business development, solution architecture, and product management.

Piyush leads a global team of cross-functional product managers, collaborating closely with customers, partners, and analysts to shape the product strategy and roadmap. He is responsible for driving the success of SAP's integration platform, ensuring both product excellence and business growth.

Follow Piyush on SAP Community | LinkedIn

Udo Paltzer

Udo Paltzer is a lead product manager for SAP Integration Suite, focusing on the integration of APIs, events, and business processes, including A2A, B2B, and B2G integrations. Udo has over 20 years of experience in the integration domain.

As a lead product manager, Udo concentrates on the customer, partner, and product success of SAP Integration Suite, with the goal to help customers and partners in their digital transformation journey. Additionally, he engages with analysts, collects and prioritizes requirements to shape the roadmap of SAP Integration Suite, and is a regular speaker at events as well as customer and partner workshops.

Follow Udo on SAP Community | Linkedin

Sunny Kapoor

Sunny Kapoor is a lead product manager for the cloud integration capability of SAP Integration Suite, focusing on enterprise-wide business process integration and digital transformation.

He is based out of Bangalore, India and has over 13 years of experience and expertise in business process integration and application development. Sunny has held various roles, transitioning from a developer to a product manager.

He is a technology enthusiast who loves to learn and apply.

Follow Sunny on SAP Community | Linkedin

Vinayak Adkoli

Vinayak Adkoli is a lead product manager in SAP Integration Suite, where his main focus is on API Management topics. He is based out of the Bay Area, NA.

Vinayak has over 18 years of experience in a diverse portfolio of integration technologies, covering SAP and enterprises like Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

He champions the cause for customers to adopt a cloud-native and API-first mindset to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Follow Vinayak on SAP Community | Linkedin

Karsten Strothmann

Karsten Strothmann is a lead product manager and evangelist for SAP Event Mesh and SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany.

He has almost 25 years of experience in the software industry and holds a master’s degree in computer science from TU Dortmund University, Germany. He has also co-authored several books, including one on event-driven architecture.

Karsten currently works on event-driven architecture in and beyond the SAP ecosystem. During his career, he has taken on very varied roles, from product management to development, quality assurance, and consulting. This has given him a holistic view of both software creation and its usage. 

Follow Karsten on SAP Community | Linkedin

Marco Ertel

Marco Ertel is a product manager for SAP Integration Suite, focusing on Cloud Integration, Integration Advisor, SAP API Management, and the cloud connector. He has more than 20 years of experience in different areas of SAP.

As a product manager, Marco is a regular speaker at events as well as holding workshops and supporting hackathons.

Follow Marco on SAP Community