openSAP: Using SAP Cloud Appliance Library for system access

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The system landscape can be hosted in different cloud providers and is accessible via SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

1) You will need to create an account for one of the following cloud providers that are supported by SAP Cloud Appliance Library:

  • Microsoft Azure (MS Azure)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

2) Log on to SAP Cloud Appliance Library and register your Cloud provider account in there.

3) Before starting the exercises, you need to create a dedicated system landscape (Appliance) in SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

4) Afterwards you can suspend and activate the Appliance as you wish.

Note that there are costs for using the infrastructure of the cloud providers. They vary based on the size of the system landscape (Appliance), and the time the Appliance is active. If you are not using your Appliance, it is possible to suspend it to reduce your costs. After you have finished using your Appliance, you can terminate it. This deletes your Appliance, and you stop incurring costs from the cloud provider service. SAP Cloud Appliance Library has a cost forecast per appliance and cloud provider based on the official pricelists of the providers.


Go to the Getting Started section in SAP Cloud Appliance Library Community. There, you will find demo videos and descriptions per cloud provider to learn how to set up your Cloud Appliance Library account and get your Appliance working.

Getting started with SAP Cloud Appliance Library on Microsoft Azure

Getting started with SAP Cloud Appliance Library on Amazon Web Services

Getting started with SAP Cloud Appliance Library on Google Cloud Platform

Appliance Operations in SAP Cloud Appliance Library

For more information about Appliance operations in SAP Cloud Appliance Library, see Working with Appliances.


For more information about specific questions for SAP Cloud Appliance Library (cloud providers costs, technical information and so on), see this FAQ pages in SAP Cloud Appliance Library Community or in the support page.

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