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SAP Experts Podcast Episode 11: The X (Data) Files


SAP Experts Podcast Episode 11: The X (Data) Files

If you have not yet gotten the message that SAP has now something with an X, or Experience Data, you probably live behind the moon. So it is quite obvious that the experience topic has a big strategic relevance for SAP, and that’s not because we want it to be like that, but because winning in the 21st century means adapting to an experience economy where customer centric processes and the emotional connection of your customer to your products should not only be of utter importance for you, it should guide your strategic decisions. But this topic is not only about customers attitude towards you and your products, but also how your employees think about you. So if your best horse quits its job you should not be caught surprised anymore.
But we do not want to do an X+O pitch here, we want to tackle the topic a level deeper so I met with Christine Fischer, whose job as Vice President and Head of Business Development is to run that topic and the integration of X+0 in Europe, so she is the right person to give us a 360 degree overview.  We will talk not only about the strategic implications of X Data, but also where we are as SAP in that respect and what the SAP community can expect in the coming months. Here on the SAP Experts Podcast.

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