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SAP Experts Podcast Episode 6: All about Digital Transformation


SAP Experts Podcast Episode 6: All about Digital Transformation

In highly disruptive times, Digitalization is the area where the main decisive actions concerning your business model, processes and infrastructure are taken. It is the main business battlefield of the 21st century in which your actions and decisions result in either being the disruptor of your industry or being out-disrupted into marginalization.

But what does this mean for SAP, its partners and its customers? For this episode I have met with one of SAP’s key players in the area of product strategy to discuss the state and future of digitalization. I am humbled to welcome Mr. Sven Denecken who is in his role as Senior Vice president of Product Success and Co-Innovation the one you want to hear talking about his personal insights in topics like the actual state of Digitalization of the market, the emerging technologies that will matter most to you, what is the role of Cloud technologies and Experience data in all of that and which innovation strategy you should follow to be successful in the 21st century.

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