Thank you for sharing our anniversary week with us! You can read more about our anniversary and reflect on the last 5 years in our press release, article, blog, and our video gallery, which stars many of you – our learners!

Comment Wall

We opened a comment wall for our anniversary celebration week. Thanks a lot to everyone who sent us such nice greetings and building such an impressive picture!

Comment Wall

5 Features

openSAP first launched on April 29, 2013. To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we were releasing one new feature each day from Monday (April 23) to Friday (April 27) – one for every openSAP year!

Monday's Feature: Preliminary Score

Now, when you submit an assignment or a final exam, you’ll instantly see your preliminary score, so you no longer have to wait until the deadline has passed.

Preliminary Score

Tuesday's Feature: Audio Download

You can now download an MP3 file as well as the video and PDF. This will be useful for learners who also enjoy learning just by listening to an audio track.

Audio MP3 Download

Wednesday's Feature: Timeline Tip

Until now, you could only see the general deadlines for the courses you’d enrolled on in the dashboard, and the course-specific deadlines on the course details page. Now, you can see them with a timeline tip on the learning pages too. Timeline Tip

Thursday's Feature: Digital Badges

As well as receiving your Record of Achievement, you’ll now also receive a digital badge. You can share your digital badge across all social media platforms.
For more information, check out our digital badge page.

Badge Cloud Platform

Friday's Feature: Translated Subtitles

openSAP uses neural machine learning technology powered by SAP Translation Hub, based on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, to integrate German, French, and Spanish subtitles for video content and transcripts in current and future courses.


You can also find the translated transcripts in the download section of the courses.


In addition to the five new features, we introduced a poll feature to help us learn from you. During the anniversary week, we opened a new question each day on the dashboard.

Poll Question

We also have a poll archive with all recent questions and results. Thanks to everyone who took part in our polls - the first poll was answered by more than 11,000 learners.

poll archive

openSAP Team, All-Hands
The openSAP team at the SAP Global All-Hands in Walldorf, Germany.

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