Who can register for openSAP?

There are no admission requirements. Anyone can register, independent of education level, grade average, age, nationality, or company affiliation.

Who should register for openSAP?

Our customized, interactive online courses are particularly suited for:

  • Professionals who wish to improve and deepen their practical IT know-how.
  • Those who want to acquire the latest IT knowledge to advance in their career.
  • College students and all others who are personally interested in IT topics. We also invite high school students to take part in our courses.

Please always review the course requirements and the target audience of each individual course.

Does learning with openSAP cost any money?

Registration, learning content, and the final exam are free of charge. However, openSAP courses that focus on software development may require that you access fee-based system environments.

In what languages are the openSAP courses offered?

The courses are all offered in English.

How is an openSAP course structured?

  • The complete course, including the final exam, usually takes four to seven weeks. The entire course material for one week includes learning videos, accompanying material, self-tests and weekly assignments. The material will be released on a weekly basis.
  • The horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen allows you to access the individual lectures and self-tests in a given week, and shows your learning progress.
  • According to your own time schedule, you will be able to work through the material within the week, and repeat it as often as you like.
  • However there will be deadlines to meet for the weekly assignments. Deadlines will be highlighted in our weekly e-mail and will also be available on openSAP. Also notice that you will only have 60 minutes to complete the weekly assignment and it can only be taken once. Once you start, you cannot cancel the assignment, even by closing the browser.

During the week, lively discussions will be taking place in discussion forums between the course participants and instructors about the material covered.

How much time do I need to invest per week? How much work is involved?

The amount of work involved depends on the participant’s previous knowledge and is estimated at 4–5 hours per week. This involves working with the videos and the course material provided, checking one's understanding of the curriculum with a self-test, as well as completing the weekly assignment and actively participating in the discussion forums.

Is it possible to get a record of achievement at openSAP?

Yes, upon successful completion of an openSAP course, you are able to download a record of achievement from openSAP. Successful participation means that you earn at least 50% of the sum of maximum possible points for the weekly assignments and the final exam. The final exam will weigh 50%. The record of achievement will be issued in the name you used to register at openSAP.

We will be glad to issue a confirmation of participation in a course to those who have completed at least 50% of the course material. Where there are exceptions for specific courses, you will be notified at the start of your course.

Can I discontinue my participation in an openSAP course whenever I want?

Yes, a course can be canceled at any time.

How can I unenroll from a course?

After logging in, navigate to Courses > More Information. There, you find the Unenroll link. Please note: You still remain a member of the learning platform and you will receive news about upcoming courses.

How can I delete my account?

If you want to completely delete your account on http://open.sap.com, open your profile and select the Edit Profile link. At the bottom of the page, you find the Delete My Profile link.

Can I still register at openSAP if a course has already started?

As a rule, course registration should take place before a course has begun – or at least in the first week of the course. Starting a course late means it becomes increasingly difficult to earn the number of points necessary for a record of achievement. The requirements to obtain a confirmation of participation can also no longer be fulfilled if a course is first joined when it is nearing its end. You can, however, sign up for a course at any time and receive access to all materials. When a course is over, it is no longer possible to receive a record of achievement.

What happens to the openSAP course materials when the course is over?

After the end of a course, the course contents remain available in the archive. It's only the record of achievement that can no longer be earned.

I’m having problems with the registration or activation of my openSAP account. Who can help me?

To report a problem with your registration, click the Helpdesk button on the right-hand side of your browser window and describe your problem.

I cannot complete the whole course because I am on vacation. Can I still earn a record of achievement?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the deadlines for the weekly assignment completion. If you're not able to turn in the weekly assignment within the course week, you will need to earn more points in the following weeks to reach the total number of points necessary for a successful course outcome.

I just want to get familiar with some parts of the course material, but not earn a record of achievement. Is this allowed?

You can participate in the areas of the course based on your own interests and possibilities. There is no obligation to complete the weekly assignments and earn a record of achievement. However, we do welcome every active contribution to the discussion forums.

Do I need to maintain the SAP User ID in my Profile?

No. Without an SAP User ID, you can still use all functions offered by openSAP. In general, openSAP courses are free and open for all registered users worldwide. Nevertheless, there will be special courses, which are specific to the SAP Ecosystem, or even for SAP Employees only. Consequently, for these specific courses, we need to verify that these users are part of the SAP world by asking for their SAP User ID. For more information please read the Ecosystem information.

I am not able to log-in using the iPad App:

The iPad login is case sensitive (use of upper/lower case letters) and the iPad automatically capitalizes the first letter. Please ensure that you turn this off before entering your password/username. Additionally the app does not currently recognize special characters, such as ?£$%&*. If your password contains special characters, please change your password to only numbers/letters using Safari or your desktop ( https://open.sap.com/login ). Please try to login to the app again with your new password.