An Introduction to Human Experience Management (HXM)

Join this free online course to learn about human experience management (HXM). You’ll learn what HXM is, why it matters, and how to apply it in organizations.

This course was retired in October, 2023.

Please note: This course has been replaced by the SAP Learning Journey Exploring SAP SuccessFactors Solutions I SAP Learning site.

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This course was retired in October 2023.

Course Summary

Employee experience is one of the fastest growing areas in human resources. The experience employees have at work directly affects their ability to cope with stress and deliver high levels of creativity, service, and agility. Bad employee experiences lead directly to bad customer experiences, decreased levels of productivity, and poor work quality. Providing employees with a rewarding and compelling work experience is also critical to attracting, engaging, and retaining high-performing talent. Human experience management (HXM) addresses the critical role that employee experience plays in creating agile, high-performing companies.

This course provides an overview of what HXM is, why it matters, and how to apply it in organizations. The course covers the following topics:

  • How economic and demographic changes affecting the future of work are making HXM critical to
    developing agile, resilient, high-performing companies.
  • The role employee experience plays in connecting leadership decisions to business outcomes.
  • The three types of employee experiences that impact employee engagement and performance.
  • Methods and technologies to shape, measure, understand, and manage employee experience.
  • How to start building an HXM strategy in your company.

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  • " This course offers a wonderful experience learning about an emerging concept which will be very useful in the future. I'm delighted to take this course. I like everything about this course, I wish there are more such courses offered by openSAP." Read the original post

  • "A neat introduction to anyone who has very little knowledge of HXM. Highly appreciative work from Steve, Carolyn and Jay. Thank you guys " Read the original post

  • " I think it is a course with an excellent focus, to have an innovative vision of human resource management. That gives an elements that can be applied to improve our organizations. Congratulations" Read the original post

  • " I love this course. this course is very helpful for me Thank you open sap team provide this wonderful opportunity." Read the original post

  • " I like the passion transmitted by Mr. Hunt & Mr. Dorio on their lectures." Read the original post

Course Characteristics

  • Starting from: May 26, 2020, 09:00 UTC. (What does this mean?)
  • Duration: The course is open for 4 weeks
  • Effort: 2-3 hours in total
  • Course assignment: You can take the course assignment at any time whilst the course is open.
  • Course closure: June 24, 2020, 9:00 UTC
  • Course language: English
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Course Content

Unit 1: Defining Employee Experience and Why It Matters
Unit 2: What's the Difference Between HCM and HXM?
Unit 3: Shaping Employee Experience and Creating Value in Moments That Matter
Unit 4: Measuring and Managing Employee Experience
Unit 5: Getting Started on an HXM Solution Strategy

Target Audience

  • HR project managers
  • HR/IT professionals
  • HR business analysts
  • HR administrators
  • HR consultants
  • HR business partners
  • Other HR professionals

Further Learning

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Jun 24, 2020
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May 26, 2020


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Steven T. Hunt

Steve Hunt is chief expert for Work & Technology in the SAP Innovation Office. His work focuses on the design and deployment of technology-enabled processes to improve workforce agility, productivity, experience, engagement, and well-being. An industrial-organizational psychologist, Steve has helped create human resource solutions that have positively influenced employees working for thousands of companies around the globe.

He regularly speaks on topics related to the changing nature of jobs, organizations, and work, and has written many articles and several books on strategic HR methods, including “Commonsense Talent Management: Using Strategic Human Resources to Improve Company Performance” and “Hiring Success: The Art and Science of Staffing Assessment and Employee Selection”.

Carolyn Beal

Carolyn Beal leads Solution Marketing for the SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite team. She and her team are focused on articulating the value that the HXM Suite delivers to organizations.

Carolyn has over 20 years of experience in marketing in the enterprise software space.

Jay Dorio

Jay Dorio is a principal consultant in Qualtrics’ Employee Experience Solution Strategy team. He has over 20 years of experience in the employee experience industry, having held internal and external consulting and leadership roles.

Jay is passionate about helping organizations maximize the value of their human capital by leveraging his expertise in industrial/organizational psychology, employee experience, and analytics.

Jay holds a Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.