Join this free open online course to learn how you can benefit from the automation of business processes using machine learning, prepare for the future using predictive analytics, and operate your intelligent cloud ERP hands-free based on natural language interaction.
November 7, 2018 - December 6, 2018
Language: English

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Never before have we seen such disruption as in today`s economy. Surviving in this market is a constant struggle, and to do this, companies need to transform into an intelligent enterprise that innovates faster than the competition. Innovative technologies can serve as the backbone to continuously reinvent customer experience, accelerate productivity, and use analytics to make the right data-driven decisions.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is SAP`s flagship intelligent cloud ERP that provides customers with the broadest and deepest AI-powered functionality on the ERP market. With this intelligent cloud ERP, companies can foresee developments early on and take appropriate actions even before situations arise. Not only that, over the next three years, we have set the goal to automate half of all ERP business processes. To top it off, it is the first hands-free ERP solution the world has ever seen. Using the natural language interaction capability of SAP CoPilot, our digital assistant, users can operate and interact via voice instead of typing in commands.

In the first week of this course, we’ll set the foundation and provide information on our key pillars for intelligence, such as automation primarily achieved by machine learning, and digital user experience. After setting the scene, we’ll present several use cases across LoBs that showcase the built-in intelligence in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In the second week, you’ll hear how our intelligent technologies, such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language interaction, can be used in practice in the areas of finance, procurement and EPPM. In the third week, we’ll conclude the use cases with the areas of sales and manufacturing.

Completing the course, you’ll learn in detail how innovative technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and digital user experience using SAP CoPilot can be utilized in practice to gain an intelligence edge over the competition.

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: The Future Is Here: Intelligent ERP
Week 2: Use Cases in Finance, Procurement, and Project Management
Week 3: Use Cases in Sales and Manufacturing
Week 4: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Solution architects, application architects, technical consultants, project managers
  • SAP partners and customers
  • Anyone interested in the topic of cloud ERP and innovative technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing

Development Systems

You do not need access to an SAP S/4HANA system in this course. However, we realize that many of you will be interested in getting hands-on experience, based on the instructions in the course. We’ve therefore prepared some documents that summarize the steps needed to access the systems. These documents will be available in the learning material of the respective course weeks.

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    • Gain a record of achievement by earning more than 50% of the maximum number of points from all graded assignments.
    • Gain a confirmation of participation by completing at least 50% of the course material.

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    This course is offered by

    Frank Densborn

    Frank Densborn is a product manager for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. He has been with SAP for 14 years and has held various roles in development, education, support, and product management.

    Frank is well known to the SAP community through his SAP Press books, blogs, conference presentations, webinars, “The Data Migration Guys” YouTube podcast, and articles.

    Ulrich Hauke

    Ulrich Hauke is a vice president in the Products & Innovations board area of SAP SE, and is responsible for the enablement of SAP S/4HANA.

    As a chief product owner in the SAP S/4HANA Product Management and Co-Innovation team, he focuses on SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud and the transition to SAP S/4HANA.

    He is passionate about software-as-a-service and how software can provide instant value.

    Katharina Hellmich

    Katharina Hellmich is part of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product Management & Co-Innovation team.

    She is responsible for the creation of core product assets, as well as, the internal and external roll-out and enablement of SAP S/4HANA. In addition, she also engages in Co-Innovation in order to actively shape product development.

    As a product manager, Katharina has a strong focus on Sourcing & Procurement and is passionate about new technologies that deliver superior business value.

    Katharina`s profile on LinkedIn
    Follow Katharina on Twitter

    Oren Shatil

    Oren Shatil is a vice president in the SAP S/4HANA Product Management & Co-Innovation team in Palo Alto.

    Oren heads product management for SAP S/4HANA Cloud technology (artificial intelligence in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, mobile, UX, SAP CoPilot, migration, analytics, and data management).

    Thomas Reiss

    Thomas Reiss is vice president of SAP Design Product Management, where his focus is on the adoption of innovations such as SAP Fiori and SAP CoPilot in SAP applications. Thomas joined SAP in 1993 as a developer and has had various leadership roles in development since 1995. Prior to joining SAP, Thomas spent two years as a developer in computer security at BASF AG. He holds a PhD and an MA in Electrical and Information Sciences from the University of Cambridge, England.

    Bert O. Schulze

    Bert Schulze is a senior member of the S/4HANA Cloud Product Management Leadership team and drives Co-Innovation with Customer and Partner for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Before he was the global Lead of the S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group, where he joined as a senior member of the SAP Cloud Global Customer & Market Strategy Group.

    In his role, Bert closely cooperates with customers and partners to assess market requirements and interweave with SAP´s S/4HANA Cloud Strategy and Portfolio. Bert´s profound experience in working with clients in different roles as Head of Outbound Product Management, Cloud Strategist, Business Developer and Head of International Sales teams help him to analyze and transfer market and client demand directly into the product development process with the goal to help clients achieve competitive advantages based on requirement driven next generation software and services.

    Bert's profile on LinkedIn

    Yannick Peterschmitt

    Yannick Peterschmitt is Senior Director in the SAP S/4HANA Product Management team. He is leading a team of software professionals in in charge of core product assets, stakeholder enablement, and co-innovation programs.

    Before joining Product Management, he was in the field organization and held different positions in consulting, presales, business development and solution management.

    Yannick is coming from France and has graduated from a business school in Paris.

    Corina Kinzel

    Corina Kinzel is part of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product Management & Co-Innovation team. She drives release communication and is responsible for the creation of core product assets, as well as the rollout and enablement of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

    In her role, Corina focuses on Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM), where she drives awareness both internally and externally.

    Follow Corina on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Orla Cullen

    Orla Cullen is a product manager in the Advanced Analytics Group. Her focus is on embedding predictive and machine learning capabilities into SAP applications such as S/4HANA & C/4HANA via the SAP Predictive Analytics integrator (PAi).

    Orla has been working with SAP applications for more than 15 years and is passionate about innovation and using machine learning to make all SAP applications smarter.

    Orla`s profile on Linkedin
    Follow Orla on Twitter

    Matthias Haendly

    Matthias Haendly leads the Incubation domain in SAP S/4HANA Product Management. Incubation is about embracing new concepts and driving them holistically to become mainstream business. His focus is currently on building the intelligent ERP by identifying and driving machine-learning use cases and conversational applications into SAP S/4HANA.   Matthias has been with SAP for 25 years. He has held various roles, from development to development management, and quality & product management to product marketing in areas such as business applications (Warehouse Management, Supply Chain & Employee Self-Services), integration platforms, technology adoption, and IT management. He has worked mostly out of SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, as well as in Palo Alto, CA, USA. His work is constantly driven by the desire to increase the value SAP enterprise solutions bring to our customers.


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