Join this free online course to learn how to build your first mobile app with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. This sdk enables you to quickly develop your own native enterprise apps, built with Swift, Apple’s modern programming language. Along with SAP Fiori for iOS, which includes reusable design components, you can build beautiful intuitive native business apps.
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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS enables you to quickly develop your own native enterprise apps, built with Swift, Apple’s modern programming language. Along with SAP Fiori for iOS, which includes reusable design components, you can build beautiful intuitive native apps.

This course includes optional hands-on exercises, providing you with the opportunity to develop your own native mobile app. Before the official course start, we will show you how to set up your Apple computer (required to run Swift) by installing the SDK and undergoing tests to ensure you are ready to start developing your first native mobile app with SAP Fiori for iOS.

To start, you will learn about the concepts and functionality of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. You will get step by step instructions on how to create this sample shop app, starting with the installation of the SDK, retrieving of backend data, using SAP Fiori for iOS design elements and finally deploying it to your device.

This course is aimed at everyone interested in developing native mobile iOS apps using this new SDK.

Please note: To fully benefit from this course and the hands-on exercise please pay attention to the listed course prerequisites and the section about development systems.

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this course. Thank you to all involved including the design teams, developers, and many others who must have contributed so much. A big thank you to the openSAP team for this excellent course, so well done in so many ways.

This was the very best course I have attended with openSAP in the past 2 years. […] Overall, this course has inspired me to teach a smaller subset of these skills to my own students within the SAP University Alliance, to share the vision of how SAP and Apple are working on quality Apps, towards real business functionality.”

After following your instruction on this Shop app, I am more confident to transfer my role from traditional ABAPer to SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Front-End Developer. Big thanks for your knowledge transfer and experience sharing etc [...] Thank for the whole team's talent work.”

I would like to thank Hansi , Andreas and the entire team of SAP Academy SDK for iOS for designing and presenting the course. Course Structure and the course content was substantial. I felt no issue to implement the course content. It was nice and easy. After each exercise when the app was build and run successfully in Simulator i can't express that in words. I like to give Special Thanks to Andreas for supporting me with in and outside the course.”

Guys, Big congratulations for what you´ve done.”

I really liked this course, great job openSAP! I did all the tutorials on but it's great to also build an app "from scratch” […] What I really liked is the best practices outlined during the course and the quality of the code. It's not just some really simple code that we know we won't be able to reuse in a real app."

I am new to iOS development, but this course has taught me a lot in very little time […]

I Liked the overall flow of the course, putting things in one by one to make it work. Great job!

Dear Open SAP Team. Congratulations for the course, in every step you could see the team effort and how it build to reach a successful end. Great Course project management work, great teaching. I am assuming that the environment that you build was in good part a key factor in your success. This course is great in spite of my lack of SWIFT knowledge, I understood the course and was able to run the exercises. […] Again many thanks for your great work.”

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 1: Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
Week 2: OData Back-End Connectivity
Week 3: SAP Fiori for iOS User Experience
Week 4: Advanced Topics and Deployment
Week 5: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • (Mobile) Application Developers
  • Anyone interested in iOS business app development

Course Recommendation

Course Requirements

  • Participants should be comfortable with basic concepts of computer programming including variables, strings, logic, and classes
  • To participate in the hands-on part of the course, Swift knowledge is required
  • You need an Apple Computer with Xcode installed - the hands-on part of this course cannot be conducted on a PC.
  • To deploy the app, you will need an iPad or iPhone (alternatively you can use a simulator on your computer)
  • To make use of the SAP Fiori Mentor App you will need an iPad (alternatively you get the code from the exercise documents)

Please note: This course is in self-paced mode now and the discussion are closed. This means that questions regarding the hands-on exercises cannot be answered anymore by our experts. If you want to try to build the shown sample app on your own please take into account that the exercises were built with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS 1.0 and Xcode 8.3.
But we have tested them now successfully on a newer release. Please follow this guideline If you want to adopt the usage of Xcode 9/iOS 11 and the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 1.0 SP02 patch level PL09 or higher.

Development Systems

If you are taking this course for informational purposes, you do not need to sign up for trial accounts and set up your development environment. However, many of you will be interested in developing your own mobile app, based on the instructions in the course. In the set-up phase we will show you how you can sign up for a free SAP Cloud Platform account and how to install the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Xcode on your Apple Computer. To develop with Xcode, you need at least an Apple ID (available free of charge). Check out the Apple Developer program for more information.

About Further Content Experts

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Here you see our SAP Academy for iOS team.
From left to right: Florian, Denise, Markus, Torsten, Hansi, Marita, Anja, Andreas, Steven, Tobias, Kevin, Dennis. We are looking forward to meeting you in the discussion forum.

Course contents

  • System Setup:

    System Setup
  • Week 1:

    Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
  • Week 2:

    OData Back-End Connectivity
  • Week 3:

    SAP Fiori for iOS User Experience
  • Week 4:

    Advanced Topics and Deployment
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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This course was held from Aug 23, 2017 through Oct 04, 2017.

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Certificate Requirements

A record of achievement is issued to those who have earned more than 50% of the maximum number of points for the sum of all graded assignments. A confirmation of participation is issued to those who have completed at least 50% of the course material. Find out more in the certificate guidelines.

This course is offered by

Hans-Juergen Richstein

Hans-Jürgen (Hansi) Richstein is Chief Development Architect at SAP SE Global Design/Frontrunner Apps, focusing on Mobile and UX, but also covering other SAP technologies.

Hansi joined SAP in 1998, after he made his first experiences in early mobile technologies at the IBM European Networking Center, Heidelberg. The topic of Mobile was always part of his life ever since, be it for several projects throughout his SAP career or privately as developer of mobile games.

Andreas Schlosser

Andreas has 10 years experience in mobile. He was the responsible architect of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 and with the shift towards cloud then defined the architecture of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. His main focus is on service consumability and APIs. Recently, Andreas took responsibility for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS as the Chief Product Owner. In this role, his attention is on building an easy to consume, modern Swift SDK that feels natural to iOS developers and makes it easy to develop enterprise mobile applications end-to-end – from mobile app to mobile services to the backend.

Marita Krümpelmann

Dr. Marita Krümpelmann is Chief Development Architect at SAP SE Global Design. As part of the Frontrunner Apps team which is in pursuit of creating and building innovative scenarios to drive the evolution of Fiori, she particularly looks after the SAP Fiori Reference Apps devoted to best practices for SAP Fiori design and development.

Marita has more than 20 years of experience in software industry and has been involved with SAP mobile development projects ever since the first iPad was launched.

Anja Kutscher

Anja Kutscher is a senior product expert at SAP SE, with focus on user experience and project management.

After working several years for the UX development program she is now leading the SAP Academy for iOS.


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