SAP Cloud Platform* Version Control with Git

Join this free online course to gain expertise in the Git functionality that is exposed by SAP Web IDE. Using hands-on interactive examples, you’ll begin by learning Git basics, and gradually progress to master advanced SAP Web IDE Git techniques. More importantly, you’ll gain a gut-level understanding of how to best use Git strategically, giving you a powerful tool to improve the quality and efficiency of SAP Cloud Platform* development efforts for you and your team.

This course was retired in October, 2023.

Self-paced since May 16, 2018
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This course was retired in October, 2023.

Course Summary

The SAP Cloud Platform* tool of choice for version control is Git, making Git the backbone for SAP Cloud Platform development. Git's power and flexibility translates into power and flexibility for SAP Cloud Platform: hundreds of developers can collaborate on a project while simultaneously working on the same files and features, and each software project can easily spawn new projects for new teams. Furthermore, Git enables SAP Cloud Platform to integrate seamlessly with other popular development sites such as GitHub and BitBucket. This in turn supports a simplified and agile release management strategy that is fully integrated into the most popular continuous integration and continuous deployment tools.

However, for developers new to Git, the mysteries of Git can make the tool an unintentional development roadblock, rather than the enabler of best practices. After taking this course, you'll understand and have mastered all the distributed version control functionality exposed by SAP Web IDE Git, and know how to organize your team to use Git in the most effective way for your unique development needs. The course will include many ungraded, hands-on examples that the instructor will perform, inviting the learner to follow along. Before the course begins, you'll learn how to set up a free account on SAP Cloud Platform and GitHub, both of which will be needed to follow along with the course examples.

You'll learn how to use SAP Web IDE to execute Git distributed version control basics, merge and rebase branches, troubleshoot problems, manage remote repositories, and coordinate some popular Git workflows and best practices. By the end of the course, you should be able to solve most common problems and issues using SAP Web IDE, and leverage the full power of Git for all your SAP Cloud Platform development.

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

  • "Thank you very much for the course and the way it was presented. It raises the bar for other openSAP courses to follow. I learned a lot, also to my own surprise I cannot think of any steps to make it better :), well done."
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  • "I like: - Arnaldo's approach, full of energy, passion and commitment, - Well prepared and explained GIT. - Great examples. Not the simplest questions in assigments though, especially those with a picture of git trees and answer possibilities over 4-5 lines, But this is due to my lack of time for practicing (that's why only 50% ;-) ). But hej!, you need to practice to get the record of achievement, ain't it true? I wish: - This should be an example for other openSAP courses, a template. Share some Arnaldos' energy with others ;) thank you and keep up the great work! cheers!"
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  • "Dear Arnaldo and the whole team
    I just finished the final exam. Now it is definitively time to thank you for this great course. I read some other comments and to most of them I can agree. But I would like to say it with my words
    1.) The overall quality: Just great! Very well explained. Really good structure. Easy to follow demos. And I had always the feeling that this is based on real practical experience. So for me as for others: Probably the best openSAP course I ever had. Moreover - one of the best learning experience since I left school ( which is ages ago :-) )
    2.) Timing: Hmmm - I wish this course would have been delivered earlier ..."
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*) Note that this course was first offered in 2018; consequently, all its assets were created before the branding changes related to SAP technology were announced in January 2021.

Course Characteristics

Course Content

Week 0: Course Introduction and Setup
Week 1: Git Basics
Week 2: Combining Branches
Week 3: Working with Remotes
Week 4: Final exam & bonus lectures on Gerrit (bonus lectures not required for record of achievement)

Target Audience

  • New or experienced SAP developers who want to understand Git better
  • Developers who already understand Git well but want to understand how to use it using SAP Web IDE

Course Requirements

Learners should have experience with at least one programming language, as well as a basic understanding of the point of version control.

Development Systems

Any web browser compatible with SAP Web IDE (such as Google Chrome) should be sufficient to perform the examples and follow along with this course.

Changes to Hands-on Systems

Dear Learners,
Some of the hands-on exercises for this openSAP course were designed to be used with SAP Cloud Platform Neo trial accounts. These accounts are no longer actively supported and as of November 2020 it is not possible to create new ones. Please note that the exercises may not work when using an SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud trial account.

Further Learning

enter image description here Check out the openSAP - SAP Business Technology Platform Learning Overview to find a hint to further free learning offerings.

Course contents

  • Course content no longer available

  • Week 0:

    Course Introduction and Setup
  • Week 1:

    Git Basics
  • Week 2:

    Combining Branches
  • Week 3:

    Working with Remotes
  • Week 4:

    Bonus lectures on Gerrit
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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Course End
May 16, 2018
Course Start
Apr 10, 2018


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Certificate Requirements

  • Gain a Record of Achievement by earning at least 50% of the maximum number of points from all graded assignments.
  • Gain a Confirmation of Participation by completing at least 50% of the course material.

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This course is offered by

Arnaldo Cavazos

Arnaldo Cavazos is a senior software developer for SAP Insurance Claims Management, with 20 years of experience in the software industry and 10 years at SAP. His initial goal of training his own team to master SAP Web IDE Git led to him training more teams around the world who had the same need.

Arnaldo has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Duke University and a Masters in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also has a software patent for a search-caching algorithm.

When he’s not busy developing software or teaching distributed version control, Arnaldo can be found playing Dominion or re-reading novels in the Stormlight Archive.