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Introduction to Mobile Solution Development for the Enterprise

Craig Haworth

This course was held from September 9 through October 29, 2013.
  • 20328 learners were enrolled on day 1 of the course.
  • When the final exam ended, this number had increased to 29146.
  • 9112 learners actively participated in the course.
  • 6006 learners took the final exam.
  • We issued 5436 graded records of achievement.
  • 33492 learners are currently enrolled.
The course material continues to be available in our archive.
Note that we are planning to repeat this course in 2014.

Course Summary

Mobile technology has become an integral component in our lives and is driving the expectations of how we interact with our business systems. Like SAP, top businesses today recognize the value of enabling their employees to work anytime, anywhere through the use of mobile technologies. However, providing this ability in an enterprise context can become quite tricky.

Mobile devices come in various forms and run a variety of operating systems. You will learn, how SAP allows enterprises to support its employee-owned mobile devices and maintain control over the cost and complexity of development.

Enterprises often have many disparate backend systems containing the data they wish to mobilize. This course will show how enterprises can use SAP's mobile platform to integrate into this environment cost-effectively and securely.

Enterprise transactions and data are generally quite sensitive in nature and making that data secure is often of prime concern to businesses. In this course, you will learn about the tools SAP offers to deal with mobile data security concerns.

We certainly want to be able to do business on our phones and tablets, but we’re not necessarily aware of what needs to go on behind the scenes to enable this.

In this course, we’ll learn what it takes to make an enterprise-ready app with SAP mobile solutions.

Course Characteristics

  • Start: September 9, 2013, 9:00 am (CEST)
  • Duration: 6 weeks (4 - 6 hours per week)
  • Final exam: October 18 - 29, 2013
  • Course language: English

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Mobile Development

Week 2: Enterprise Mobility

Week 3: Creating an Enterprise-ready Application

Week 4: OData

Week 5: Client Design and Implementation Choices

Week 6: Enterprise Security Concept & Outlook

Target Audience

  • Application Developers
  • Mobile Application Developers

Course Requirements

  • Basic programming knowledge including HTML, Java Script, Java, HTTP
  • CSS is optional

Development Systems

If your primary interest in taking this course is getting a technical overview about mobile solution development for the enterprise, you do not need access to a development system. However, we realise that many of you will be interested in developing your own code, based on the instructions in the course. Therefore we have summarised the major development system requirements and installation procedures in this document on the SAP Community Network (SCN).

All described systems are free-of-charge.

About the Instructor

Craig Haworth

The course will be presented by Craig Haworth.

Craig has been working in the Enterprise Mobility field since 2002 as mobile developer and is nowadays in the role of an Enterprise Mobility Architect and trusted advisor on mobility topics in the Enterprise Space as well as Program Manager for Mobile Application Development within SAP.

Craig’s profile on SCN.

About further Content Experts

André Fischer

André worked as an SAP technology consultant for eight years before joining SAP in 2004. Since joining, he has worked on various SAP and Microsoft compatibility topics. He has been working within the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Product Group since 2010. He is the course owner of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway course GW100 and has led various customer engagement initiative projects about SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Andre is a frequent speaker at various SAP TechEd events and moderator of SAP NetWeaver Gateway community in SCN.

Martin Schmid

Martin joined SAP in 1999 and has been working as developer and architect in various development projects. Nowadays he is in the role of a Chief Development Architect in the Applications Architecture group focusing on mobile and security related topics.