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Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA

Thomas Jung

This course was held from May 27 through July 15, 2013.
  • 18033 learners were enrolled on day 1 of the course.
  • When the final exam ended, this number had increased to 40386.
  • 15748 learners actively participated in the course.
  • 10795 learners took the final exam.
  • We issued 9383 graded records of achievement.
  • 48163 learners are currently enrolled.
The course material continues to be available in our archive.
Note that we are planning to repeat this course in 2013.

Course Summary

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an appliance or in the cloud. At its core, it is an innovative in-memory relational database management system that makes full sense of the capabilities of current hardware to increase application performance, to reduce cost of ownership, and to enable new scenarios and applications that were not possible before.

With SAP HANA, you have the opportunity to build applications that integrate the business logic, control logic, and the database layer with unprecedented performance. As a developer, one of the key questions is how you can minimize data movements. The more you can do directly on the data in memory next to the CPUs, the better the application will perform.

This course will introduce you to native software development on SAP HANA. Registration, learning content, and the final exam are free of charge. However, to fully benefit from the course, you can access a fee-based system environment to develop your own code. SAP works with several cloud providers to give you a choice of infrastructure platforms and attractive pricing models to enable system access at a very low cost. For more information, see SAP HANA Development Systems.

Course Characteristics

  • Start: May 27, 2013
  • Duration: 6 weeks (4 - 5 hours per week)
  • Final exam: July 4 - 15, 2013
  • Course language: English

Course Content

Week 1: Developing Applications for SAP HANA

Week 2: Database Tasks, Loading, and Modeling

Week 3: SQLScript Basics

Week 4: Exposing and Consuming Data with OData

Week 5: Exposing and Consuming Data with Server-Side JavaScript

Week 6: SAP HANA Advanced Development Options

Target Audience

  • Application Developers
  • Data Modelers

Course Requirements

  • A basic knowledge of database technology, especially relational databases and SQL query language
  • A general understanding of how columnar, in-memory databases work

SAP HANA Development Systems

If your primary interest in taking this course is getting a technical overview of the development-related capabilities of SAP HANA, you do not need access to a development system. However, we realize that many of you will be interested in developing your own code, based on the instructions in the course.

SAP works with several cloud providers to ensure that you can access a system environment that meets your requirements. The available options range from small system images for test and demo applications to environments you can use to create productive applications.

The extent of your system-related expenses depends on the system type you choose. There are system types where the provider charges you by the hour and others where you can use the system as much as you want, based on a flat fee.

In any case, you have full control over how much you spend. Note that using any of the system environments discussed in the course does not create revenue for SAP. We provide the training content free of charge. To get access to a system, you work directly with one of the cloud providers. However, we recommend that you complete week 1, unit 4 of the course before making a decision on which option you would like to use. The instructor will talk about the available options in detail and provide a recommendation that can help you to get access to your own system image at a very low cost.

Note: We strongly recommend that you use a Developer Edition image as opposed to the 30 day trial version. The trial version will not span the length of the course and it is on revision 48, which is not compatible with this course. The trial version will not be upgraded to a recent revision.

About the Instructor

Thomas Jung

Thomas Jung is currently a Director, Product Management SAP HANA focusing on custom development and platform tools of SAP HANA and SAP HANA Extended Application Services.

He is also an SAP Mentor, SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer, a founding member of the Enterprise Geeks, and co-author of several SAP Press Books.

Thomas’ profile on SCN.

About the Content Designer

Geoff Nolan

Geoff Nolan is a knowledge architect in SAP HANA and currently focusing on tools and application services. He has been designing, developing, and publishing information for the technical world for many years.

Geoff has written and published articles in the UK and international media; designed, written, and published countless books, technical specifications, and training courses; and designed and built reusable information systems.