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SAP Experts Podcast Episode 29: Pulse Check – How SAP Customers act in times of COVID19


SAP Experts Podcast Episode 29: Pulse Check – How SAP Customers act in times of COVID19

With the global economy dumping down the same rate that corona infections rise, it is not very easy to get a clear picture of the situation, neither for us individuals, nor for enterprises who are struggling to cope with the challenges and build resilience. When taking a look into media, you will find many opinions about the situation ranging from we are all doomed to “we are getting out of this with a black eye”. It is a good idea to take a look into the reality of SAP customers how they are doing at this moment right now.

And since it is a very good idea at the moment to listens to experts, I am blessed to be able to talk to Mr. Geoff Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Americas SAP Users Group. He is conducting an inquiry each week asking the six-digit number of NA SAP Users about their situation and how they approach their journey through this crisis.

So let’s do a Pulse Check with Geoff Scott on this episode of the SAP Experts Podcast.


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