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We live in an Experience Economy and this completely changes the game for everyone; flipping businesses upside down and turning spotlights on the human experience. To avoid disruption companies need to learn how to manage experiences and as a result reimagine business models, business process and the way work is done. Discover how companies can thrive in this new economy on this podcast show. Experience matters; experience is everything.

Episode 11: How Grundfos is Pioneering the Future of B2B Customer Experience


Customer experience in the B2B world is evolving. Historically, B2C businesses have had to factor in customer experience, unlike B2B businesses where the product has taken center stage. In today’s experience economy all businesses, B2C and B2B, must consider the entire customer journey, not just the quality of the product. This is top of mind for Abdul, the Customer Experience Lead at Grundfos. With more than 200,000 customer touch points every single day, Grundfos has 200,000 opportunities to get it right, or wrong. Based on this data, Grundfos started their journey towards operational change in how they measure and deliver experience.



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