A Podcast Series by SAP

We live in an Experience Economy and this completely changes the game for everyone; flipping businesses upside down and turning spotlights on the human experience. To avoid disruption companies need to learn how to manage experiences and as a result reimagine business models, business process and the way work is done. Discover how companies can thrive in this new economy on this podcast show. Experience matters; experience is everything.

Episode 8: Customer Success is Directly Linked to the Experiences Companies Deliver


In this episode, Marty Mrugal, Global Head of Customer Success, explains how SAP Customer First is about putting the customer at the center of everything SAP does and how customer success and customer experiences are interlinked. Customers have more choices today. What differentiates brands is the perception customers have with every interaction. With the competition on experiences rather than products and services, companies need to understand the moments that matter along the customer journey. Marty also speaks about SAP’s customer engagement model and the role people, processes and technology play to provide a seamless customer experience and to help customers derive more value from SAP’s offerings.



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