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We live in an Experience Economy and this completely changes the game for everyone; flipping businesses upside down and turning spotlights on the human experience. To avoid disruption companies need to learn how to manage experiences and as a result reimagine business models, business process and the way work is done. Discover how companies can thrive in this new economy on this podcast show. Experience matters; experience is everything.

Episode 6: How Food Packaging Giant Tetra Pak Combines X- and O-Data


In this episode Aditi Chhaya, Global Head of XME at SAP and Josephine Monberg XME Ambassador Lead, interview Laura Monari head of Customer Experience at Tetra Pak. Laura explains how Tetra Pak stays ahead of the pack, by utilizing X-Data gathered on Qualtrics systems and O-Data stored on SAP systems to better understand its customers. Combining the data sets allows them to run a more efficient business.

For more information on the Tetra Pak and Qualtrics read the blog here. 



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