On this page we would like to clarify some topics around the SAP world. If you still have open questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Do I need an SAP User ID?

No. Without an SAP User ID, you can still use all functions offered by openSAP. In general, openSAP courses are free and open for all registered users worldwide. Nevertheless, there will be special courses, which are specific to the SAP Ecosystem, or even for SAP Employees only. Consequently, for these specific courses, we need to verify that these users are part of the SAP world by asking for their SAP User ID.

What is the SAP Ecosystem?

The SAP Ecosystem is a network of Partners, SAP Employees and Customers who support each other and work closely together. One common attribute is the SAP User ID. In order to offer specific courses for members of the SAP Ecosystem we make use of this attribute and map it to your openSAP profile.

What kind of User-IDs exist?

  • D-User: Germany based SAP Employees
  • I-User: International based SAP Employees
  • C-User: SAP Contractors
  • S-User: Licensed Customers or SAP Partners
  • P-User: Public SAP users, for example SCN users

Is my SAP User verified by openSAP?

We have recently introduced the SAP User ID service to openSAP. This means you can activate your email address through the openSAP profile by providing your SAP User ID. The system will then verify if the SAP User ID matches your email address. Once successfully verified, the specific courses will be visible in the course overview.

Are SAP courses open to everyone?

In general openSAP courses are free and open for all registered Users worldwide. Nevertheless there are also certain courses which are specific to the SAP Ecosystem, or even only for SAP Employees.

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