We know that our learners love to share their achievements with their social networks and therefore we’re introducing a new digital badge, which can be easily shared across your social platforms, as well as with colleagues and employers. Our digital badge is created based on the Open Badge specifications.

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Prepare your Backpack

If you’ve earned a Record of Achievement, then your digital badge comes along with it and can be found on your certificates page. You can download the badge to your computer.

Badge Download

Share Open Badge

You can easily share the open badge directly from openSAP via the share open badge buttons.
This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and mail.

Adding Your Course Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile

Log-in to your LinkedIn Account -> Go to your profile -> Select the + from the section Accomplishments -> Select Certification (Alternatively you can open the form directly via this link)
In the form maintain the following data:

  • Certificate name: Name of the openSAP course
  • Certification Authority: SAP
  • License Number: openSAP
  • Certification URL: Insert the online link (you find it at the bottom of your record of achievement)
  • Dates: Month and Year when your record of achievement was issued
  • Select "This certification does not expire"

Click Save.

You can find an example on how to fill in this form in this screenshot. Add certifications

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