SAP Leonardo Design-Led Engagements Demystified
In this course, you’ll learn how design-led innovation drives success in SAP Leonardo engagements. You’ll gain the confidence to explain the SAP Leonardo design process, the tools, and the people involved in an SAP Leonardo design project, as well as understand how you could get involved in a project yourself.
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Course Summary

Today’s business executives face increasing pressure to become digitally-focused and delight their customers and employees. SAP Leonardo brings new technologies and human-centered design services together to help businesses power their digital transformation. This course focuses on the value of using a design-led process when we co-innovate to identify and solve business challenges. Our proven design process helps the team uncover challenges, work with end users to brainstorm solutions, and iterate to create a feasible, viable, and desirable solution.

In this course, you’ll:

  • Understand the value of design services in SAP Leonardo engagements
  • Learn about the key stakeholders and roles involved throughout an SAP Leonardo engagement
  • Learn the outcomes, activities, and goals of the SAP design-led engagements process
  • Access additional resources to expand your SAP Leonardo and design knowledge

This course is the starting point in a learning journey for anyone interested in SAP Leonardo design-led engagements.
Together with some additional training, it gives you the skills you need to act as a leader or designer in SAP Leonardo customer design engagements.

Here is what some participants are saying about the course:

  • "Good Intro to SAP Leonardo
    I enjoyed the training - it left me highly motivated to learn more about SAP Leonado. Good job & just long enough to grab attention levels at the peak. Thank you!"
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  • "I Like: small, easy-to-understand chunks of information; I Wish: more info for opportunity 'foragers'
    Dear authors of the 'SAP Leonardo Design-Led Engagements Demystified' course,
    Thank you for a great learning experience! It was a rare e-learning pleasure ;)
    I really liked small, easy to understand and grasp units, they are great for this introductory course. I wouldn't mind bigger chunks of info for more in-depth course, if you're planning one ;)"
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  • "Enjoyed the session
    Thank you for DT session, I enjoyed!! Highly recommend for people who have never attended any design thinking session to learn methodology and role and responsibility of SAP."
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Course Structure

This nutshell course differs from other openSAP courses in that it’ll take only 2 hours to complete, and all the content will be available to you at the start of the course.

We know you have a hectic schedule, so we’ve created short modules that cover need-to-know information about SAP Leonardo design-led engagement. The modules contain:

  • Videos (approx. 2 minutes each) that cover the key topic
  • Self-test questions to check your understanding of the videos
  • Additional resources to continue building you knowledge

After you have worked through all the sections, you can do a course assignment and earn points towards a record of achievement (minimum score of 50% required).

You don’t need to complete the course in one sitting. Feel free to dip in whenever you have some time.

Course Characteristics

  • Starting from: January 8, 2018, 09:00 UTC. (What does this mean?)
  • Course duration: The course will be open until August 31, 2018, 09:00 UTC. The discussion forum will remain open for the first 5 weeks of the course until February 8, 2018, 09:00 UTC
  • Effort: 2 hours in total
  • Course assignment: You can take the course assignment at any time.
  • Course language: English
  • How is an openSAP course structured?

Course Content

  • Section 1: Introduction to the Course
  • Section 2: SAP Leonardo DL Process and Roles
  • Section 3: Explore Phase
  • Section 4: Discover Phase
  • Section 5: Design Gates and Tools
  • Section 6: Design & Prototype Phase
  • Section 7: Deliver Phase
  • Section 8: Course Assignment

Target Audience

  • Project members for SAP Leonardo engagements
  • Anyone interested in learning about the SAP Leonardo design-led engagement process


  • 1. Introduction to the Course

  • 2. SAP Leonardo DL Process and Roles

  • 3. Explore Phase

  • 4. Discover Phase

  • 5. Design Gates and Tools

  • 6. Design and Prototype Phase

  • 7. Deliver Phase

  • Course Assignment:

    Good Luck!
  • I Like, I Wish:

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该课程是免费的。 只需在openSAP上注册一个帐户并参加课程!

该课程自1月08日 到 8月31日 开设.







  • 课程证书 授予者需要至少取得课程总分的百分之 50%
  • 参与证明 授予者需要至少学习了所有课程资料的百分之 50%



Hailey Temple

Hailey is a design-thinking coach and instructional designer at SAP. She applies and teaches the approach to customers, partners, and within the SAP community, instilling confidence in others to adopt and scale design thinking and business model innovation. Her background in storytelling and information technology fuels her passion for understanding, defining, and solving complex challenges, and giving people the tools to explore and solve them together.