Join this free openSAP course to learn about spend visibility and supplier information management. Also learn about buying, including sourcing, contracts, and procure-to-pay, as well as payments through the Ariba Network, Ariba Payment Innovation, and advantages for the seller.
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The Ariba Network enables companies to locate new suppliers, streamline transaction processes, and realize savings with cloud-based procurement software. Following on from SAP Business Networks in a Nutshell, this course will focus on Ariba. Key leaders from Ariba will outline the Ariba solutions and both the buyer and seller advantages. Starting with the digital economy, you will learn that in order to keep up with the demands and expectations of a global marketplace, companies must connect, interact, and integrate faster and more efficiently than ever before. Students will learn and see demonstrations of the full suite of Ariba solutions, including key Ariba Network solutions and advantages of the Ariba marketplace.

The course will run over a three week period and will focus on planning, buying, and paying. In the first week, you will learn about spend visibility and supplier information management. Following on from this, you will learn about buying, including sourcing, contracts, and procure-to-pay. Finally, you will learn about payments through the Ariba Network, Ariba Payment Innovation, and advantages for the seller.

Course Characteristics

Course Content

  • Week 1: The Digital Economy and Ariba Spend Visibility, Ariba Supplier Information Management
  • Week 2: Ariba Sourcing Professional, Ariba Contract Management, and Ariba Procure-to-Pay
  • Week 3: Ariba Network, Payment Innovations, and Seller Advantages
  • Week 4: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Lines of Business
    • Procurement
    • Finance
    • Treasury
    • Legal
  • IT - Cloud
  • All Professionals and experts working with SAP and Ariba

Course Requirements

Whilst not mandatory, we nevertheless recommend that you enroll on the SAP Business Networks in a Nutshell course, where you can learn more about the general topic of business networks and SAP’s solutions.

About the Instructors

Elizabeth Craymer
Senior Director, Seller Account Management

Elizabeth Craymer

Elizabeth Craymer is a senior director in the North America Seller Account Management Team for Ariba Network. She has more than 18 years of experience in a variety of roles in high tech companies. With a background in business and economics, she chose to get in on the ground floor of several technology companies, with roles in management, sales, and consulting services. Elizabeth has held leadership roles for over 5 years while at Ariba. She most recently led the Ariba Global Education Adoption Services for SAP.

Drew Hofler
Senior director within Solutions Marketing, Ariba Network and Financial Solutions

enter image description here

Drew Hofler is a senior director within Solutions Marketing, Ariba Network and Financial Solutions. In this role, he is responsible for Ariba’s Network and Financial suite of solutions, including AribaPay.

Drew has been interviewed and quoted widely in finance and supply chain industry publications around the topics of eInvoicing, shared services, dynamic discounting, working capital management, payment and the networked economy, and has published a number of articles on these subjects.

Lloyd Keays
Senior Architect Ariba & Business Network – Global Head of Presales

enter image description here

Lloyd has more than 15 years of experience in procurement process optimization with cloud technologies. With a background in demographics that lead to technology design and ergonomic analytics of user interface, Lloyd has helped define early strategies for reverse auctions tendering on projects above the €200 million, then expanded his expertise in procurement, finance and supply chain digitalization.

Lloyd now leads the global presales (software architects) group of the Business Network.

Michael Koch
Director within Ariba Solutions

enter image description here

Michael Koch is a director within Ariba Solutions Marketing, focusing on sourcing and contract management solutions. He has previously held positions in the Business Network Customer Organization. Michael has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, focusing on B2B and network utilization for commerce.

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