This course is aimed at experienced BI system administrators responsible for the implementation, deployment, and administration of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 but is also open to anyone interested in this topic. To get the best out of this course, you should have a fundamental understanding of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 Platform and a desire to learn more.
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Course Summary

We live in a world where big data, people, machines and processes are interlinked in an internet of everything. Immense value can be unleashed by connecting this information to the work we do every day, enabling us to quickly discover what is happening and then act with the power of collective insight. Learn how to unleash this power by implementing SAP BI 4 with our new SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 Platform Innovation & Implementation Training course offered through openSAP.

Successful deployments require proper sizing, hardware, configuration, security and administration. This course, designed for experienced BI system administrators, is brought to you by the Strategic Customer Engagements Team, who are SAP’s most senior SAP BusinessObjects BI specialists.

Course Characteristics

Target Audience

  • Experienced BI System Administrators responsible for implementation, deployment, and administration of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4

Course Requirements

  • Fundamental understanding of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 Platform and a desire to learn more

About the Instructors

Henry Banks

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Henry Banks is a senior analytics specialist within the SAP Products & Innovation group.
Henry implemented SAP BW, APO, & CRM modules in the early 2000s, and more recently has been championing SAP Lumira and Predictive solutions for strategic customer engagements.

Henry's profile on SCN.

James Rapp

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James Rapp is a Technical Specialist within the SAP Products & Innovation group. He helps customers implement Analytics based solutions, including BI 4, Design Studio, and Lumira. He is also an active contributor on SCN, authoring various papers on performance testing and improving the user experience in the BI Platform.

James' profile on SCN.

About the Content Designers

Jey Ping

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Jey Ping is an SAP Business Analytics Principal Consultant with over 8 years of experience implementing SAP Business Objects BI solutions. He has led all aspects of BI projects, including platform installation, deployment, development, security, administration, migration, testing, and training. Jey is also an accredited instructor in BI platform, universe design, Crystal Reports, WebIntelligence, and Dashboards.

Bruno Ranchy

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Bruno Ranchy is a Technical Specialist within the SAP Products and Innovation group, focusing on Analytics solutions, including BI 4 and Design Studio, as well as SAP Planning and Consolidations, SAP HANA, and Cloud environments. He is also a contributor on SCN.

Bruno's profile on SCN.

Foroohar Rafiei

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Foroohar Rafiei brings 15 years of Software Development expertise to SAP. He has been employed at SAP for over 11 years.
Foroohar has worked in SAP’s Business Intelligence Analytics group in Product Group (Development and Testing), now as a Technical Specialist within the SAP Products & Innovation Group (SCE).
He is also an expert in installing and configuring Analytics Solutions.

Foroohar's profile on SCN.

Harjeet Judge

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Harjeet Judge has been with SAP for over 11 years.  He is currently a Senior Specialist with the Customer Experience Group focusing on BI Suite and Lumira. 
Prior to his current role,  Harjeet held roles in Active Global Support(AGS) as a Senior Support Consultant and as an Escalation Manager.

John Mrozek

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John Mrozek has worked with what is now the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform since 1999. Most recently, John worked in the Customer Solution Adoption group at SAP helping customers implement SAP’s newest solutions in the Analytics space. He currently works in the Strategic Customer Engagement team.

Johns's profile on SCN.

Toby Johnston

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Toby Johnston started with SAP / Business Objects in 2001. Currently, he works for SAP AGS and is the resident AGS expert for monitoring and supportability tools. Toby’s area of expertise includes BI Platform, CA APM Introscope, Solution Manager, Java SDK, and other Analytics products. Find more documentation, sdk tools, and blogs by Toby Johnston on the Sap Community Network.

Toby's profile on SCN.

Further Content Designers

  • Alexandre Dussac
  • Patrice Le Bihan
  • Vishal Dhir
  • Ashish Morzaria

Previous Version of This Course:

Previous version of this course is available here:

BI 4 Platform Innovation and Implementation (November 11 through December 17, 2013)

Contenu du cours

  • Week 1:

    Introduction, Architecture and Sizing
  • Week 2:

    Installation, Upgrade and Promotion
  • Week 3:

    Troubleshooting, Performance Testing and Authentication
  • Week 4:

    Performance Optimization
  • I Like, I Wish:

    We Love Your Feedback … And Want More
  • Final Exam:

    Good Luck!

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