Exploring the World of AIStefan Seegerer, Tilman Michaeli
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Unit 1: Supervised Learning

Duration: approx. 20 minutes
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About this video

Activities while watching the video:

Play the good-monkey-bad-monkey game shown in the the video: https://www.stefanseegerer.de/decision-tree-monkey-game/index-EN.html

First, consider the examples presented. Write down rules to decide whether a monkey bites or not based on its characteristics.

Next, you will be shown other monkeys. Decide whether the monkeys bite by swiping left (biting) or right (not biting) according to your rules. Then ask yourself the following questions: How many monkeys did you categorize correctly? Would you use the model you learned from the data in practice?

All slides for this week are provided in the Downloads section.